[Approval] Damien BSC, SSC
[Source] Garlix is probably what constitutes as a fossil around here
[@] Koala loves rumours but not gossip.
[Relic] Herb ito (ergo sum)
[Fish] Halibut wasn't a proper arch (more like a mascot, really)
[Retired] Exodus thinks (don't fight it)
[Wiz] Squeak squeaken squeaker squeaker (did you hide my acorn?)
[Legend] Nix Addams (confused)
[Legend] Nafai The Iron Homunculus. (demonic)
[Legend] Lj Dreadmist, Addams Family Assassin .oO{ Death Incarnate }Oo.
[Exp] Eldridge the adept adventurer (evil)
[Exp] Bic The Pocket Dragon. (nasty)

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